Outdoors with Ed
Hi, my name is Ed Beckham and I love the outdoors.  I have been hunting, fishing and camping for more than 25 years and still go as much as possible.  Several years back I started writing a journal to keep account of my many adventures in the outdoors and so that I would be able to share them with my son Beck, who was born in 2001.  I have found that most every time I am hunting, fishing or camping something happens that is worth remembering and makes me have a good laugh.  I hope you enjoy them as well!!!   

Disclaimer:  It is known that the following stories are true incidents of Ed’s adventures in the outdoors.  However, it is possible that they could be embellished to provide for more enjoyable reading.  Therefore, Ed and any other people found on OutdoorswithEd.com claim their innocence as safe and ethical hunters and lovers of the great outdoors.
You never know what you're going to catch when you're outdoors with Ed.
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